Telebrands Sculptor Multipurpose Fitness Bench


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Sculptor is an effective and powerful full body exercise machine that will transform your whole body by exercising just three minute a day. With The Sculptor you will loose your fat, shed those extra inches and reduce your weight. Its secret is its revolutionized ascent motion. This motion is a perfect combination of four effective fitness moves; Leg press, row, squats, and crunches. With this power of this perfect combination the sculptor can Sculpt your Body from head to toe in just one single motion. The sculptor Sculpt’s your body, from head to toe in one single motion. It is 3 minutes wonder workout machine. What makes sculptor more effective from any other home gym equipment is it allows you to go below parallel level, so in just one stroke it which activates all your major muscles calves, hamstrings, hips, back, triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest, wrist, wings & entire core muscles. BENEFITS:- Activates all your major muscles in just one single motion It targets your calves, hamstrings, hips, back, triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest, wrist & wings. You get strong & toned arms It sculpt your hips and gluts It tones your Legs Fast & effective Lose extra weight Lose extra inches and get flat stomach You get also get chiseled abs using this