• Telebrands twin toning motion single motor belt

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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :- Toning Motion Twin is a high-performance slimming and massage belt that utilises palpitating movements in order to slim and tone different parts of the body. It mimics conventional chiropractic treatment, thus not only performing intergrated toning, but also relieving stress and improving general health- the ideal answer to a fervent lifestyle!The width of the belt gives full coverage to the abdominal area and the motor does all the effort in detaching extra fats which is then removed via the lymphatic system. This belt also promotes good digestion and a clear complexion through improving the ability of your body to absorb nutrients. It’s mild heat diffusion feature helps to stimulate blood circulation while toning and treating all major muscle groups which leads to improved sports agility, weight loss, fat burn and a healthy body. It stimulates and massages deep tissue, which aids in physiotherapy and improves mobility.Be it for the medical use or fitness purpose, this motor massage belt is a perfect accessory with which you can do away with most of your problems of weight loss and metabolic issues. You can even carry it while you are travelling. PUSH UP BAR FEATURES:- Made of high quality steel tube, durable. Grip made of anti-skid sponge, comfortable feeling. Builds and tones the pectorals and triceps more efficiently than push ups. By utilizing the push up stands, you get a greater range of motion, thereby enhancing you upper body workout. Can split, they are easily stow in a bag during travel. Box Dimension : 20.8 X 8.5 X 5.5 CM. FEATURES & BENEFITS :-Burns fats, Lose weight and ease muscle pain. Best suited for abdomen, waist, back and hips .Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism . Assists in detaching fat which is then removed.Promotes good digestion and a clear complexion. Mild heat diffusion helps to stimulate blood circulation. Tones and treats all major muscle groups. Physiotherapy and improves mobility. Can be used as a massager. Improves mobility. Light weight & easy to use. Can be used as a massager. Improves mobility. Portable and comfortable to use.

    1,399.002,999.00 53% off

    Telebrands twin toning motion single motor belt

    1,399.002,999.00 53% off

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